The RMFL is a collaboration of top leaders and teams in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho softball industry to promote competitive play and enhancement of the sport. Working together, the RMFL has created a post-season “collegiate-type” event structure and championship series to add purpose of play, excitement and equal opportunities for all players across the Rocky Mountain Region.


❑ Up-to-Date Team Rankings by Region and State Level Championship

❑ Maximize Player Exposure to College Recruiters

❑ Maximize Team Exposure with State Wide Ranking System

❑ Individual Player Recognition & Stats RMFL FORMAT

❑ RMFL member teams compete in preselected events within the state as normal.

❑ Each team accrues points from pool play and bracket play within these events.

❑ Top teams compete in a RMFL Championship, replicating collegiate postseason play.