The Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League

Frequently Asked Questions and Format


The Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League (RMFL) in conjunction with the national organization of the Alliance Fastpitch, is a collaboration of the softball community from the Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming softball communities to promote competitive play and enhancement of the sport. Working together, the RMFL has created a season long program that leads to a post-season “collegiate-type” event structure and championship series to add purpose of play, excitement and equal opportunities for all players across the Rocky Mountain region.


Benefits of the RMFL

  • Up-to-Date Team Rankings by Region and State

  • Individual Player Recognition & Stats

  • RMFL member teams compete in preselected events within the state as normal.

  • Each team accrues points from pool play and bracket play within these events.

  • Top teams compete in a RMFL Championship, replicating collegiate postseason play.

  • Access to play in the Alliance national championship event which is limited to league teams


Why should my team join a Member League?

Teams who want an opportunity to compete against top competition with equal opportunity to win national championship berths dependent on their actual play. Teams are rewarded for their play on the field. Additionally, by joining a Member League, the athletes and coaches on the team will enjoy the membership benefits of The Alliance Fastpitch and have access to a viable fastpitch network.


Do I have to pay a team fee and an individual fee?

Yes, your team pays a fee to the Member League you are in to help cover administrative and operations cost for that League. In addition, all individual athletes and individual coaches will pay their own individual membership fee ($45 Athletes, $50 Coaches) to The Alliance Fastpitch for the given season.


RMFL League Fees

$325 – will cover league general administration, fall and summer championship events, marketing and funding team entry cost into The Alliance Fastpitch National Championship. Although the top 3 teams earn a berth in the Alliance national championship, the Top 2 teams will have their entry fee into The Alliance National event paid by the RMFL


What events does the RMFL offer as part of its championship series?

  • RMFL Summer State Championships – June 2021

    • All RMFL teams will play and be seeded in their state based on league play points

    • State event with RMFL regional berths

    • Colorado (Montana and Wyoming will participate in the Colorado state tournament in 2020: 12

    • New Mexico: 10

    • Utah: 10


  • RMFL Super Regional Championships – June 2021

    • Qualified teams will play to earn berths to Alliance nationals

    • Post-season “collegiate-type” event


What events will be point earning events in 2020-2021?

Colorado Events

  • Fall 2020

    • Loretta B Smith



How do I join a Member League?

  • Step One: A Coach or Team Admin registers their team with a member league at and pays team registration fee

  • Step Two: Individual coaches and individual players (their parents) are invited to Join the League. All coaches and all players (via the parent first) register for the Member League. Alliance fee is paid individually by each coach and by each player

  • Step Three: Once all athletes and coaches are registered and paid on a team, then The Alliance Fastpitch sends the info to USA Softball for the individual insurance and background checks. At this point, individuals will enjoy the benefits of being an Alliance Fastpitch member and will also receive their virtual ID card from USA Softball.